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Cave Springs Market

2oz Garden Grenade Wellness Shot

2oz Garden Grenade Wellness Shot

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Try our 2oz Garden Grenade Immune-Boosting Tonic


We are throwing EVERYTHING in our Garden at you in this Tangy/Spicy Shot!




Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw Honey, Red Onion, Oranges, Lemons, Oregano, Jalapenos, Horseradish Root, Ginger Root, Garlic, Turmeric Root, Whole Peppercorn, Cinnamon, Cloves, Fennel, and Rosemary. You can always add more honey to taste as well( I usually do) :D




~Will Ship in a 2oz Amber Glass Bottle to reduce light exposure all packed away in a 100% Compostable Bubble Mailer or box

Your Garden Grenades will come with the date it was Bottled and Packed.~ 


~Larger Sizes are available upon request, Just message us to inquire!~


All Salves/Body Care Items/Oils/Syrups Etc. are Handmade with Love by me and my Husband!


Everything 'scented' is done so with 100% Pure Essential Oils, Never any perfumes or harmful dyes





Our eight-week infused Garden Grenade/Fire Cider has a multitude of uses. It MAY promote immune system support for colds, cases of flu, and sinus issues, due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which can aid in circulation, and help with digestion.





-As a “wellness shot” 

-Added to herbal tea 

-In Water With Lemon and Honey

- In juice (For little ones, mix a small amount into freshly-pressed orange juice or lemonade. 

NOT for children UNDER ONE, as it contains raw honey.)

-As a marinade 

- As salad dressing – Mix with olive oil and honey to make a yummy vinaigrette.


There are so many endless possibilities! Really, it is just your preference! 


My family and I use and take these shots when we begin to feel a sickness coming on, They stay shelf stable for 1 year & don't have to be refrigerated!




🚨Please consult your doctor or midwife before taking or using anything if you are Pregnant or Breastfeeding, and head to your local ER with any type of medical emergency. Our information on the use of this herb should never replace the care of a medical doctor. We are not medical professionals and are not claiming to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We are providing information for educational purposes only, based on standard and publicly accessible historical information on the herb. We recommend that you educate yourself about the use of this herb before purchasing it.

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