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Cave Springs Market

Coast To Coast Soy Wax Melt

Coast To Coast Soy Wax Melt

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Close your eyes and imagine a beach house with windows open and sheer white curtains swaying through the Coastal breeze as it fills your home with the smell of the salt in the air along with a fresh scent that makes you want to listen ever so closely to the sound of the gentle waves ebbing and flowing! 

 These beauties are handmade with love using natural essential oils, pigments, and wax, giving you an aromatic punch that'll make your nose sing!

But remember, these fragrant darlings may smell tasty, but they are not for eating. Keep them out of your little ones' and pets' curious paws and jaws.

Oh, and one more thing - each batch is unique, which means the colors of your wax melts may vary slightly from batch to batch. But that's just part of their handmade charm!

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